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Rob Ford: Transit and Narcotics

The Return of Zeddy!

Zeddy has been the official mascot of Zellers for over 2 decades, and over the last few years has slowly disappeared into the background, but has come back for one last hurrah before he disappears into the sunset! :( Read more about The Return of Zeddy!

French Packaging Fail

Temporary Home for Transitfan.COM

Our Transit Enthusiast Home has gone offline for now due to a hardware failure, so I've moved a few of my belongings onto this server until we can move back.

Here are a few static links of Transitfan.COM just in case you're feeling homesick and want to see our home pages: Read more about Temporary Home for Transitfan.COM

Daily Randomness

Sometimes it feels just like this when trying to leave work. Read more about Daily Randomness

Daily Randomness

Photoshopped, or is this actually possible? Read more about Daily Randomness

Welcome to the Community!

Just a brief message welcoming you to our community!

Links are above for our Food Blog, Discussion Forum, Photo Gallery and More!

Thanks for your visit! Read more about Welcome to the Community!

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