The Next-Gen Console Wars

Console_Wars-01We are at the dawn of the next-gen console wars. Sales have become stale for the Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 and X-Box 360 over the last few months, which can only mean one thing. A new set of consoles is on it’s way. Nintendo was first out of the gate with the Nintedo Wii U. Unfortunately sales have not set any records. Graphics and gaming on the Wii U appears pretty much the same as a standard Wii. So if enjoy the games you’re playing, then there doesn’t seem to be a reason to upgrade. If you’re the type that always needs to have the latest console, or a Mario addict and just have to play. WiiU-NewSuperMarioBros-01smThe new Mario game is pretty fun to play. Very reminiscent of the the NES Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Nintendo DS “New Super Mario Bros.”. The Wii has by far sold the most consoles, and Sony and Microsoft could only look on with their jaws dropped. They tried to steal a slice of the Wii pie when creating their own versions of interactive controllers, like the camera and interactivity of the X-Box Kinect, and PS3 didn’t even think too far out of the box with their Playstation Move, when they released an almost identical set of controllers that mimic the function of the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

wii-bowling-seniors-01Speaking as a retailer, Nintendo Wii was the most consumer friendly for us, since it appealed to all ages, and the price point was more affordable to many more people. There was a certain joy when introducing a group of senior citizens to the Wii Bowling experience for the first time. I’ve sold a few thousand of these units, and surprisingly a lot of them were bought by residences, and not always for kids. The first few years, they just couldn’t stay in stock. We would receive 200 of them every few weeks, and they would be sold as fast as they could be paid for. As for graphics quality, then it would be one of the other two consoles. XBox360 was popular for the X-Box Live, but we had little to no support from the manufacturer, the “ring-of-death” didn’t help the situation either. On the other hand Sony had a rep that would visit regularly, promote and explain new products, and the console itself had a Bluray drive, which was a big selling point, especially when Bluray players cost $300-400, it was almost cheaper to buy a whole PS3 unit for the movies and have the game system available for the kids or when the grand kids would come over. I still use my PS3 for movies, but not as much for gaming, since I didn’t want to update it to block access to the hard drive. Console-Wars-2013-01The Wii is still hooked up for whenever I feel like a retro gaming session. My first one broke, but Nintendo overnighted a new one to me, so big props to them!

It was fun these last few years. So many games, so many stories, so much fun!
Here’s to a new generation of consoles!
Who will win the console wars this time?


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