Buffet Vichy – Montreal

Whether it be for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch this place is almost always busy. Food flies out of the kitchen the entire time, serving a wide selection of Italian, Greek, Chinese and Seafood. With a meat section where you can get your money’s worth on just one plate of turkey and roast beef.

A salad bar that spans the entire wall of the buffet that includes various types of cold pasta, cheeses, eggs, preserved root vegetables and a fruit salad along with the standard green or iceberg lettuce, variety of salad additions such as croutons, bacon bits and dressings.

The service does tend to be a bit slow, especially when it’s busy. So if you want your drinks,  be sure to order them when you first get served, and be prepared to pile up your empty plates in one corner of the table. The food tends to be on the salty side, so if you’re like me, you’ll want to ask for a pitcher of water (or the drink of your choice) so you won’t be stuck with an empty glass, and be thirsty for more.

The dining room is divided up into 4 rooms plus a bar area, and when full, it gets quite loud, but surprisingly not nearly as bad as some buffet’s I’ve been to. The decor is what  you’d typically find in a large buffet setting, a fusion of Greek and Italian styles. Tiled flooring in the buffet and carpeted in the dining area. Tables tend to be close together, but can easily be moved to accommodate larger groups.

They don’t tend to take reservations, so arriving early on in the buffet time is recommended (3:30pm is when it starts in the afternoon, but only gets busy around 5:30pm).

Methods of payment include cash and major credit cards, and only recently have they added Interac direct as a payment method, which I applaud them for. I rarely carry cash with me, and I will not pay $3+ for ATM fees. Due to this fact alone, I’ve gone from visiting this restaurant about once per month or so to now about once per week.

If you’ve never been, then you’ll probably want to try a bit of everything, but if you’re a regular, then you have your own favourites, and some regulars know what items to eat and get their money’s worth, such as the seafood and meat sections, and spend their entire meal piling up their plates with those items. I still haven’t perfected my technique, because I like to start off with the soup and pizza each time, which fills me up before I even get into the main buffet area. But to each his own, I enjoy it this way, and because this is an affordable buffet,

And if you’ve still got room for dessert, there are 8 flavours of ice cream that vary depending on the day, and a variety of puddings, such as chocolate, vanilla and bread pudding. A varied selection of cakes, such as Black Forest, Boston Cream, Cheese Cake and Carrot Cake. Also pies such as Lemon, Cherry and Coconut Cream Pie. Most are available all the time, but some go into rotation, so you’ll see it one day, but something else will replace it the next.

I don’t really need to seek out the most expensive items in the buffet to get my money’s worth. At under $12 for a dinner buffet, it’s the best price in town, and well worth your time to check it out. The food always comes out fresh, and the combinations are almost endless. So if you’re looking for decent food at a good price, then you’ll find it here. The people eating, the fresher the food, you won’t find any empty trays here.

Fresh, hot food, though a bit on the salty side. Service is alright but can sometimes be slow. Tables and the buffet area is clean, but the carpets in the dining area tend to be stained and littered with food and utensils under the tables. But all in all the price is right. So I highly recommend this place.

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