Get Ready to Match the Stars!

This past week I’ve been busy at the set for the new Match Game, and I have two words to tell you:


There are so many nods to the Classic 70’s series that you can tell the director must have watched the original before recreating this series.

Picture this.

“Get Ready to Match the Stars!”

And the opening begins with a jazzed up original Match Game theme with the celebs giving funny faces, then the host appears from the back stage just as Gene would have, as the contests spin around the turntable to face the 6 celebs on two levels.

There are a few changes to this game, to allow it to fix into a 30 minute slot (21 minute show time) format.

There are no returning champs, and the way the scoring system works makes it hard to catch up if you’re behind.

Two rounds of question “A” and “B” where the contestant can choose from.

Each match that the contestant successfully makes to a celebrity earns them 50 points.

After two rounds there is a Fast Match round where the contestants choose a celebrity to pair up with, and they have 45 seconds to match as many words from a list as they can, again at 50 points a piece.

The winner then keeps the total money they’ve won in the first 3 rounds and moves onto the next round.

At the end of this round the contestant with the higher amount goes on to play the (Super Match) Exactly like the Audience Match from the original series where the contestant chooses a celebrity to help them guess what the most popular word match will be. The amounts are $1,000 – $1,500 and $2,000 for the number one Audience Match.

If the contestant did not choose any of the top 3 answers, the host offers them $500 to gamble with during the next round.

This amount is then brought over to the Super Wheel where it will spin and land on a particular celebrity, and if it lands on the red light it will double your money.

Now the contestant has to match with the celebrity that the wheel landed on.

And if the contestant matches, then they win the amount from the Super Match round, plus the money they already accumulated from the first 3 rounds.

And that’s pretty much how this new game works.

This show was being recorded live to tape, so there was very little editing, and the commercial breaks during the taping lasted just about as long as they would have in real life to keep taping time to around 30-35 minutes!

We could watch the show being recorded on a TV monitor, and it appeared just as if the show was being aired on TV, from clues appearing on the bottom, to the opening and closing credits, including being able to see the new Match Game logo, which resembles the late 70’s early 80’s Match Game logo (without the year).

So at the end of the show the credits roll on the bottom while the celebrities and contestants dance around the set, and ends with the production company “Zone 3″, “Fremantle” and “Bell Media”.

I got to meet all of the crew and stars of the show. In this photo is the emcee Darrin Rose. (Leading role on CBC’s Mr.D). Great guy, really funny and witty and a perfect fit for this show.

The set was filmed using 8 high definition television studio cameras, and edited onsite in a live to air setting.

This was really a great experience to see how a modern show is produced, and to top it off, it was a faithful remake of one of my all-time favourite Classic Game Shows!

Stay tuned! This show will begin broadcasting on Monday – Friday at 8:00pm on Comedy Network in Canada starting October 15th, 2012. There will be 60 episodes of the first season, and there is a possibility of a second season in the works, based on the reaction of how the first series goes.

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