Milema’s Chicken Restaurant – Chateauguay

MABOUFFE-MLNA-062513-01   I tried this place out when it first opened and was greeted by a friendly hostess. The restaurant was full of people and there was a Mayan game show playing loud on a large screen TV. We took a look at the menu, which was printed on a takeout card, and saw that the prices were quite high, and the descriptions of the Peruvian dishes were very vague. We decided to start with a Chicken and Egg Noodle Soup before our main dish. Unfortunately we did wait a little over 1 hour before getting the soup, which arrived about the same time as our main course. The place was busy, but I figured the soup would have already been prepared and quick to bring out of the kitchen. During the time we were waiting we watched food come out to the tables, and then get sent back to the kitchen, which didn’t give me very much confidence in what was being served. The dishes that were kept were hardly touched and the customers left without eating. I was now concerned about what I was about to receive. MABOUFFE-MLNA-062513-04The table of 8 people across from me apparently had been waiting close to 2 hours for their food, and they received a few dishes, and when they were ready to leave, a few more dishes arrived, which these people refused and then an argument with the waitress ensued. The staff eventually took the dishes back to the kitchen, and the customers left. After the restaurant emptied completely, they brought us our meals, and then a few employees from the kitchen sat at a table and started watching TV, as if we were in their living room. It felt a bit awkward to say the least. The soup wasn’t too bad, but nothing really to write home about, and the whole chicken that we shared was quite greasy, and the french fries were about the quality of a typical Quebecois greasy-spoon restaurant, which I did not expect from this classier type restaurant. We ate about half, and then started to get the feeling that the staff wanted to go home, so we asked to wrap it up and we would finish it later.

The food here wasn’t terrible, but there was nothing special about it. I could have gone to a restaurant across the street for better chicken and fries at about half the price. Needless to say this place did not last long enough to give it a second chance and is now closed.

MABOUFFE-MLNA-062513-02It was an interesting concept, but just wasn’t executed by someone with experience in the restaurant business. The food wasn’t the quality that I expected, the lack of descriptions for the authentic dishes left me lost in the menu, which was written on a piece of paper that normally is used for a takeout menu. The staff was friendly, but we felt like we were keeping them from doing something better. The opening hours were also quite strange, being closed most of the week, and the quality of the food did not justify the high prices. I might have considered returning after they had settled down in a few months, but they didn’t last long enough.


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