Childhood DQ Ambitions, Lost…

I’ve never eaten at a Dairy Queen: Grill & Chill before, and I’ve seen commercials for years, but there were never any locations nearby, so it wasn’t convenient to travel to the US or another province to try them out.

I finally had my chance to try it out, and I suppose my expectations were set WAY too high, because the final result was so low and my disappointment was so high that I can’t see ever returning again.

The food was prepared probably days in advance and obviously microwaved, perhaps a few times. But that wasn’t the worst part, the food itself was comparable to something you’d find in a frozen TV dinner.

I ordered the deluxe chicken sandwich. As much as I wanted to order the Flamethrower burger that I see all the time on the commercials, I really wasn’t that hungry, and it was a really hot day and I didn’t need to feel any hotter.

It arrived and was quite soggy, and tasted alright, but the Stouffers / Lean Cuisine microwave Panini tastes about the same, except not as soggy, and it’s only $2.49 in a grocery store, this one was $8.49. Though the French fries were good, it really didn’t make up for a poor sandwich attempt.


If I wanted a microwave sandwich I would have gone across the street to the grocery store and bought one on my own.

There was self serve soft drink dispenser, so with my combo, I received fries, a drink and a mini-Blizzard (and I really emphasize on the word MINI, because the mini-Blizzards here are about half the size of of the Quebec mini-Blizzards!)

I overheard my friends mention that the ice machine wasn’t working, so when she handed my cup, I requested some ice, and she insisted that the machine worked, so I went over to fill it up. The ice didn’t work, so I went back over and said it didn’t work, but was ignored. So I went back in line and waited my turn, again, and then requested ice. I then filled up my drink and it was obviously watered down and warm, and it melted the little bit of ice that was in the cup. I figured it was a 7up issue, so I dumped it, and switched to Orange, and it was actually worse!

Service was alright, though they had a hard time understanding their own menu. So after a few corrections, they did finally get it right. Though, their Blizzard left a lot to be desired.

Let me put it this way, the DQ Blizzard flip would have never passed the test, it was half melted when I received it, and there was not much “extreme” in the “Extreme Chocolate”. It actually tasted similar to a Wendy’s Frosty, vanilla ice cream and chocolate flavouring, but no crunching or chewing or anything that I am so accustomed to when ordering an “Extreme Chocolate” Blizzard.


If the place was super busy, and the staff was running ragged, I might understand a few of these faults, such as the melting ice cream, due to the overuse, but the place was practically empty, and this was the supper hour.


If this was a service issue, then I could probably link this to the one particular location and not hold it against any of the others, but the food quality itself was so substandard to begin with that it had to have been designed to be like that.

Rubbery chicken in a soggy panini bread, the burgers, which I didn’t try, but others at my table compared it to the “Amtrack midnight special burgers” that most certainly was not a compliment, because Amtrack is certainly not known for it’s fine dining.

Another person ordered a Poutine, and I suppose it’s not the store’s fault if they’re not in Quebec, but he couldn’t eat it because it just wasn’t edible.


And I tried the chicken strips, which were 99% batter, and 1% tough meat. It tasted like it had been dipped in batter and fried about 4 or 5 times, and then nuked in the microwave too long, so it had become tough to tear apart to eat.

Cleanliness of the restaurant was also not a real strong point it seems, the tables were filthy, and not just crumbs from one previous customer, it looked like layers of sticky mess from several previous customers.

So my final review of this place is certainly a resounding 0.0 And there were no redeeming qualities of a place that I held so high in my mind for so many years.

My lunch at a truck stop tasted better than this!


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