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MABOUFFE-CAGE-032313-04This place has the right atmosphere for a sporting event with some great friends. However, the food and service can be touch and go.

Case in point. I had some plans on Saturday evening with a friend, and we were going to watch the Habs game. So I made sure that I could make reservations to guarantee us a place. I phoned them up and was denied over the phone. I was told that they did not take reservations, and I would have to arrive early for a seat.

So we arrived about 20 minutes before game time, and were seated at the bar. There was no big issue so far, since we had a place to sit, and lots of TVs were surrounding us.

As for food, I already knew what I wanted, and was ready to order without even needing to look at the menu.

MABOUFFE-CAGE-032313-01So when the waiter arrived and asked if I wanted to see a menu, I said no thanks, and began to order, the a plate from the Mexican menu, and before I could finish my order he said that I should look at the menu before making an order, and he handed me a one page menu with about a dozen meal items on it. He then proceeded to explain that I could not order anything from the regular menu or the Mexican menu tonight.

I was a bit confused, since this has never happened to me before, and I’ve had dinner here about once a week for close to 2 years!

MABOUFFE-CAGE-032313-02So since I couldn’t get the Mexican dish I wanted, I ordered my backup meal, the Hot Chicken sandwich. I was shut down with that order as well.

I memorized most of that menu, so I can tell you right now what was listed on there, and only one or two items were listed for each meal category:

– Chicken Breast
– Blitz Burger
– 1/2 or    Whole rack of Ribs
– Baseball Steak
– Buffalo or Kamikaze Wings
– KO Salad

Now. If there was a special event, then I could probably expect an “Event Menu” to be used, so that the kitchen was not flooded.

This wasn’t what tweaked me though.

What got me was that when we arrived there were several tables empty, and all had “RESERVE” on them, for 2, 4 and 12 people.

MABOUFFE-CAGE-032313-03Next what got me was that we sat next to the kitchen door, so we saw the dish I wanted pass by about 15 times! And I couldn’t understand how, then I noticed that the tables around us were handed the regular menu!!!

I can’t think of anything!

We were there for the entire game, we would have been fine if it took a little longer to make!

Now for service. Our waiter was doing just fine. He refilled promptly and he even attempted to order our regular dishes for us, but he was apparently locked out at the POS machine.
On top of all of this, we lost the game! Grrr…


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  • chris says:

    Unfortunatly you are mistaken, because i know for a fact that they used event menus that have over 20 choices for a lot of the habs games.
    The unfortunate part is that all the clients seem to want to order in between the 1st and 2nd period which explains the menu.
    And when that menu is in effect it is IMPOSSIBLE that you see your so called dish pass by because they dont even prep any of thta food.
    Its also unfortunate that the waiter was clueless about the situation because they have pep talks before every game. And this i know as an ex-employee, and was happy to work there!

    • Mystic says:

      Thank you for commenting. I’ve been to La Cage for pretty much all of the Habs games for the last two years, mostly at my local location with friends, but I’ve been to 6 other Cage locations through the last 2 years as well, and only once this has happened that they refused to offer me the standard or promo menu. And believe me, if they insisted again on an event menu, I would have gotten up and left and watched the game at home. I usually only eat the promo items, such as Mexi-Cage, or just a Hot Chicken sandwich off the regular menu, when I eat there, and was really disappointed when I couldn’t get either. Like I said, the waiter tried his best to enter it in the POS, he even asked if he could, since he probably saw the dish I wanted pass right by us when I was trying to order. It didn’t make me feel any better when the table next to me was offered regular menus either. I kind of felt left out, and a bit offended that we were singled out for a restricted menu that others didn’t have to use.

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